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Artificial intelligence can predict premature death, study finds

Artificial intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence in Healthcare

27 Mar 2019

Computers which are capable of teaching themselves to predict premature death could greatly improve preventative healthcare in the future, suggests a new study by experts at the University of Nottingham.

The team of healthcare data scientists and doctors have developed and tested a system of computer-based ‘machine learning’ algorithms to predict the risk of early death due to chronic disease in a large middle-aged population.

They found this AI system was very accurate in its predictions and performed better than the current standard approach to prediction developed by human experts. The study is published by PLOS ONE in a special collections edition of “Machine Learning in Health and Biomedicine”.

Experts:  Dr Stephen Weng, Assistant  Professor of Epidemiology and Data Science; Prof Joe Kai, Clinical Professor and Head of Primary Care

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