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Accelerating the pathway from scientific discovery to clinical adoption

The Centre for Healthcare Technologies (CHT) is a collaboration between the University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, incorporating CHEATA. We bring together key stakeholders, capabilities and expertise to support the rapid translation of scientific discoveries into healthcare adoption.

Porous microspheres

Our capabilities

Find out about our key areas of expertise in tackling some of the key challenges and opportunities in healthcare.

Helping you get your device NHS-ready

Your device

With CHEATA, we support clinical, academic and commercial med-tech developers to get their device market-ready

Collaborate with our clinicians, academics, SMEs for your projects

Collaborate with CHT

Find out how over 120 experts are working with clinicians, academics, industry and patients

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Monica Healthcare foetal monitoring device

Case studies

Our case studies showcase some of our exciting technologies and how we're translating them into healthcare

About CHT

A PhD student Irene Henning  loading samples into nanoscribe printer reproduction quality

Work and study

Be part of a supportive research and innovation environment with a track record of healthcare technology success



Winner of NHS England Scientific Officer's award 2018

In the past, innovators had to rely on an ad hoc, serendipitous process to commercialise their idea, but the Centre acts as a single point of entry to speed up the process of adoption without stifling innovation or compromising safety.
Professor Steve Morgan


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