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Chris Hollis analysing brain pattern

Case Studies


We are applying our research across many different clinical areas - a selection of our technologies applied to particular clinical areas is shown below.

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Case studies by clinical area


A to Z of Case Studies


BioBones - biodegradable bone composite

In the BioBones project, a novel bone graft material; a composite material with similar mechanical properties to bone, but includes a fully resorbable biodegradable glass fibre to allow new bone to grow was developed by a team of materials scientists, biomedical scientists and a consultant maxillofacial surgeon at the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham.
Bone regeneration for osteoporosis

Bone regeneration for osteoporosis

Our research is developing targeted therapy, consisting of porous microspheres, which could offer a quick, easy and minimally-invasive treatment that is injected into areas considered to be at high-risk of fracture to promote bone regeneration.
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