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 Prosthesis design system for patient benefit

3D printed hand

The emergence of advanced manufacturing, design techniques and increased understanding of man-machine interfaces should be driving a step-change in the effectiveness of upper limb prosthesis. However, that is being hindered by the lack of an appropriate design system, with the result that most of the highly advanced designs are actually of little added benefit to the patient.

Working with Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, we are developing a design platform to help clinicians and patients understand the technology and optimise communications in the design process.

This integrated design system will take into account the needs of the patient, together with constraints, such as the manufacturing technologies available and requirements for device accreditation for healthcare etc., inform the whole design to manufacture process.

EPSRC grant: ADAM Anthropomorphic Design using Advanced Manufacturing EP/N010280/1

Poster presentation on this project

Experts: Dr Ian Ashcroft, Dr Ruth Goodridge, Professor Steve Benford