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Recognition for novel Endotracheal tube at Anaesthetists Innovation Awards

iTraXS endotracheal tubeJanuary 2018 News

Anaesthetist Andy Norris received the runner up award at the 2018 Innovation in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Awards for his novel endotracheal tube design, collaborating with Professor Steve Morgan, Dr Andy Norris, Dr Ricardo Correia and Professor Jon Hardman.

Endotracheal tubes maintain vital airways into patients undergoing surgery, prevent aspiration into the lungs, and allow mechanical ventilation.

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However, artificial ventilation, whilst necessary, often leads to other serious conditions: ventilator-associated pneumonia is common in intensive care units, leading to increased illness and sometimes death; post-intubation stenosis is a less common airway injury, but serious, affecting a patient’s ability to breathe and speak.