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Award won for research into Optical Fibre Sensing during critical care


Francisco Ulises Hernandez Ledezma, a PhD candidate at The University of Nottingham, recently won the award for best poster presentation for his work on 'Optical fibre sensing during critical care' at the 5th International Conference on Biophotonics, Australia.

Optical Fibre Sensing Technology is well established and provides a range of solutions for different applications areas ranging from biomedical and health care monitoring to environmental engineering.

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Ulises's research demonstrates the potential use of optical fibre sensing technology as a tool for measuring humidity, temperature and respiratory rate through its implementation in medical devices used during anaesthesia such as mechanical ventilators, endotracheal tubes and facemasks.  The presentation included preliminary work in bench models and future plans include clinical trial tests and exploration for the detection of biomarkers from breath of patients.

This work has resulted from a multidisciplinary collaboration between researchers at the University of Nottingham (Prof. Stephen P. Morgan, Dr. Sergiy Korposh and Prof. Barrie Hayes-Gill), researchers from the department of Anaesthesia at the QMC Nottingham University Hospital led by Dr. Andrew Norris and researchers from the human odour biosensing laboratory led by Prof. Seung-Woo Lee at the University of Kitakyushu.


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