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Universities for Nottingham is a pioneering collaboration, bringing together the combined strength and civic missions of Nottingham’s two world-class universities. MedTech research and innovation is a major priority of this collaboration, creating the ideal environment to drive the translation of MedTech from the lab to clinical adoption.

Working together to drive MedTech research and innovation in Nottingham

The collaboration is formalised via a Civic Agreement in which the major players in delivering, supporting and innovating in Nottingham's healthcare are signatories


Signatories to Universities for Nottingham Civic Agreement, including 2 Universities, 2 NHS Trusts, 2 Councils, the Integrated Care System and D2N2 LEP

Our MedTech offering

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Read our 2-page flyer outlining the MedTech capability of this partnership

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 Health and wellbeing priority

QMC adjacent to University of Nottingham

One of the five missions of this collaboration is health and wellbeing

Mission for Health and wellbeing

  • To take advantage and expand the role of universities and healthcare organisations as anchor institutions, providing communities with a social capital asset that increases economic prosperity and social wellbeing.
  • To attract the world’s most talented clinicians and healthcare workers, training and retaining local talent to develop their careers in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.
  • To increase years of healthy living in local populations.
  • To maximise the economic opportunities provided by the strong local health and life sciences sectors

Programme of initiatives for Health and Wellbeing

  • We will develop a major new joint medical technology offer to business, with an ambition to make Nottingham and Nottinghamshire a leading destination in which to invest or establish new businesses in health and life sciences.
  • We will explore the development of a joint programme of development, training and support that help meet clinical skills needs across the local healthcare system