University of Nottingham

Paediatric healthcare technologies 



Babies and children are not small adults.  There is a strong driver now to develop healthcare technologies specifically for this population to address many of their unique developmental and growth stages as well as disease states. 

The clinical research in neonatal and paediatric healthcare technology development is headed up by    Dr Don Sharkey, Associate Professor of Neonatal Medicine, who has been developing devices for over 12 years. 

Collaborative working with engineers, scientists and clinicians has allowed us to truly translate fundamental scientific and engineering discoveries into clinical practice for the benefit of children.


With the significant advantage of having the Academic Child Health department co-located in Nottingham Children’s Hospital, which is connected to the main University of Nottingham campus by a footbridge, the translation of new discoveries is accelerated allowing timely patient trials.

Our current portfolio of neonatal and paediatric healthcare technologies, some of which are included in more detail  include:

  • Neonatal Transport
  • Critical care devices and vital sign monitoring of children
  • Machine learning of individual patient data
  • Newborn Resuscitation
  • Novel MRI methodologies to improve paediatric imaging
  • Using new structural materials to deliver drugs such as chemotherapy
  • Point of care testing and diagnostics
  • Clinical App development
  • Paediatric ENT surgical devices
  • Computer-based systems to screen for hearing loss in children with Cystic Fibrosis