Centre for Healthcare Technologies
University of Nottingham
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Neonatal and paediatric critical care

One of our research strengths lies in sensing technologies which are well suited for children in they are usually non-invasive and painless.   Members of the Centre for Healthcare Technologies are working on variety of projects aimed at neonatal and paediatric critical care.  These include better designed endotracheal tubes to reduce the incidence of subglottic stenosis and ventilator acquired pneumonia.  We are also looking at more robust and child friendly methods to accurately measure key vital signs.

Automated capillary refill time device  

We have developed a new type of capillary refill device using our patented design to better monitor children and identify any potential clinical deterioration.  This wireless device can be coupled with other vital signs to create an illness severity score and so continuously monitor a child in hospital or triage settings. 

The recently completed PRefill Study was the first clinical trial of the device and included many very sick children on intensive care.  We have now developed the latest iteration of the device and are about to commence new studies with this improved device. 


Capillary refil - close up of monitoring information