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Human Factors for Healthcare Technologies

Working with Different Stakeholders in Health Technology development and evaluation

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HFRG (Human Factors Research Group) work with a wide range of users, involving them in our research methods as potential users or proxy users of devices and systems. They are involved throughout the technology development processes and also play a key role in stakeholder consultations when considering the organisational or cultural impacts of a novel intervention or system/ process change. 

As examples of our participatory methods, we have involved the following user groups and stakeholders in our projects:

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An underlying principle of Human Factors is ‘fitting the task to the human’ and as such we integrate this ethos throughout our research planning and design as well as the objectives of research enquiries. In doing this we can ensure that the needs of users and stakeholders are met throughout their interaction with research projects aswell as in the devices and systems that we help to design and evaluate.

Exemplar projects