Centre for Healthcare Technologies
University of Nottingham
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Human Factors for Healthcare Technologies

Socio-Technical Systems Approach

The Human Factors Research Group has a long standing reputation for it’s research into complex systems, including but not limited to the following applications:

  • understanding the micro, meso and macro elements of sociotechnical systems
  • designing for the whole system and the varying interactions that will occur within it between users, technology, organisation structures, communications and workplace design
  • understanding performance, risk and safety within a system
  • exploring the influence of culture and human behaviour on the way a system operates

The experience of the group draws upon their work in different domains and industrial contexts e.g. transport (rail and aviation), power, manufacturing, etc.

HF circular diagramAbove: Model of the interactions within a blood sampling process, including social, technical and organisational behaviour (click image for larger version)


Exemplar projects

  • Task and Process Evaluation within a System – Right First Time: Blood sampling in acute hospital care settings (L Pickup, S Atkinson)
  • Product User Evaluations for use in a specific Environment- Interactive  TV systems and the implementation of adaptive personalised interfaces (S Cobb, A Floyd, R Edlin-White)
  • User Requirements of GP Training Human Factors in Education development and provision (L Pickup, S Atkinson)
  • Human Factors Considerations in  Infection Prevention and Control and Medical Equipment Design in Neonatal Care (S Cobb, C Trudel)

Human Factors diagram (3)