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Data analysis for diagnosis and decision support

Healthcare device

With such a vast array of monitoring capabilities, the challenge can often be to turn the data produced into usrful information for clinicians and patients to use in diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Areas of expertise

We use a variety of techniques to support clinicians in diagnostics and decision making including

  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data mining
  • Pattern analysis
  • Fuzzy logic

Clinical applications

We have applied our expertise to tackle a range of clinical challenges including:

  • Discovery and evaluation of new diagnostic biomarkers
  • Classification of diseases such as breast cancer
  • Identification of diseases such as Alzheimers Disease
  • Early detection of breast cancer and colon cancer
  • Assessment of neonatal outcomes
  • Data management
  • Modelling human decision making
  • Molecular diagnostic capabilities in gastrointestinal, liver and respiratory disease

Advanced Data Analysis Centre (ADAC)

The Advanced Data Analysis Centre (ADAC) supports data analysis services which can be costed into grants. ADAC also offers commercial services for companies with data analysis challenges.

Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre

This national biobank directory connects researchers with tissue samples and data. The Tissue Directory is managed by the University of Nottingham, in colllaboration with UCL, and is the UK's only register of sample collections that covers multiple diseases and allows searching based on age, gender, disease classification, sample type and available datasets.