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Gary Adams

Associate Professor in Applied Health and Therapeutics, 
Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Ifty Ahmed

Phosphate-based glass production and characterisation including Phosphate glass-fibre (PGF) production, manufacture of resorbable biocomposites using PGF as reinforcement to tailor mechanical properties and resorption characteristics.

Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering


Cameron Alexander

Key research foci include smart materials (Adv. Mater.2015, Nature Mater 2014, Nanoscale 2014), drug and gene delivery (Mol. Ther 2015, PLosOne 2014, Small 2013, Mol. Pharmaceutics 2012), and synthetic biology (Artificial Life 2015, Nature Chem 2013, Angew Chem Int Ed. 2012 & 2011). Keywords – polymer therapeutics, drug delivery, smart polymers, anti-cancer and anti-microbial biomaterials.

Professor of Polymer Therapeutics,
Head of Division of Molecular Therapeutics and Formulations,
School of Pharmacy


Morgan Alexander

Discovery of novel biomaterials using polymer micro arrays.

Biomaterials Discovery

Professor of Biomedical Surfaces, Faculty of Science

John Andrews

John Andrews is The Royal Academy of Engineering and Network Rail Professor of Asset Management in the Nottingham Transport Engineering Centre (NTEC) at the University of Nottingham. He is also the Director of the Centre for Risk and Reliability Engineering. 

Asset management, system availability and reliability
Professor of Infrastructure Asset Management, Faculty of Engineering

Ian Ashcroft

Microstructure and nano-mechanical properties, thermo-mechanical characterisation.

Professor of Mechanics of Solids, Faculty of Engineering

sarah atkinson1

Sarah Atkinson

Human factors, understanding user requirements, capabilities and limitations for design, performance, efficiency and acceptability.

Senior Research Fellow
Human Factors Research Group

Dragos Axinte

Innovative Manufacturing Processes, Advanced Machining and Finishing Technologies, Abrasive Waterjet Machining, Monitoring and Optimisation of Manufacturing Processes,  Design and Construction of Miniature Machine Tolls, Design of Innovative Tools for Aerospace Manufacture, Product Innovation & Technology Transfer.

Professor of Manufacturing Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Trevor Benson

Experimental and numerical studies of electromagnetic fields and waves, with particular emphasis on propagation in optical waveguides, silicon based photonic circuits and electromagnetic compatibility.

Professor of Opto-Electronics, Faculty of Engineering


Holly Blake

Technology in healthcare and behaviour change, connected health, ehealth, mhealth, web and multimedia interventions, persuasive communications, health psychology, self-management of long-term conditions, patient experiences, physical activity interventions, workplace health promotion.

Dr Holly Blake
Associate Professor of Behavioural Science

David Branson

Design and control of electromechanical systems for manufacturing and healthcare purposes including: modelling and control of actuated continuum surfaces undergoing large deformations; integration of piezoelectric actuators into mechanical systems; fabric based monitoring systems; and robotic assembly methodologies in evolving manufacturing environments.

Assistant Professor of Dynamics and Controls, Faculty of Engineering

Stephen Bull

Mobile Computer Engineering and Sensing Systems for Healthcare.

Assistant Professor in Mobile Computer Engineering and
Sensing Systems For Healthcare, Faculty of Engineering

Alistair Campbell Ritchie

Mechanical environment on cells and cell-biomaterial constructs, new bioreactor to allow electrical stimulation as well as mechanical stimulation.

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering

George Chen

Electrochemical technologies, chemical thermodynamics, structural and functional materials, and process engineering.

Professor of Electrochemical Technologies;
Director of Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies;
Head of Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering (UNNC),
Faculty of Engineering

Adam Clare

Non-traditional manufacturing methods to arrive at net shape while inducing favourable material properties and generating new surfaces on engineering. 

Associate Professor of Advanced Manufacturing, Faculty of Engineering


Daniel Clark

Dan leads the Clinical Engineering service in Nottingham, one of the largest in Europe, which provides the full scope of equipment services including: device evaluation, commissioning, service and maintenance, decommissioning and disposal.  Dan also leads an innovation and research group that designs and produces novel medical devices and a device adoption service (CHEATA – the Centre for Healthcare Equipment And Technology Adoption). Dan has an honorary chair in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham where he supports a range of healthcare-related engineering research groups.   He is also a member of the NICE Medical Technology Advisory Committee.

Professor Daniel Clark Head of Clinical Engineering,
Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust
Professor of Clinical Engineering, University of Nottingham
Director CHEATA–Centre for Healthcare Equipment And Technology Adoption

Sue Cobb

Human factors aspects of virtual reality and interactive systems.

Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering

John Crowe

Biomedical engineering, optics.

Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Davide De Focatiis

Solid state properties of polymers.

Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering

Phill Dickens

Manufacturing parts with multiple materials using additive techniques, jetting proces.

Professor of Manufacturing, Faculty of Engineering

Chris Dodds

Microwave process engineering, Microwave processing of materials.

Head of the Microwave Process Engineering Research Group,
Faculty of Engineering

Nicola Everitt

Structure/property relationships for high performance materials, microhardness testing, Nano-indentation, Dynamic Mechanical Analysis.

Associate Professor (Materials Engineering)
& Taught Postgraduate Senior Admissions
Tutor & Course Director of the MSc in Advanced Materials,
Faculty of Engineering


Jonathan Garibaldi

Medical data analytics, decision support systems, fuzzy systems.

Head of School of Computer Science, Faculty of Science

Ruth Goodridge

New materials for Additive New materials for Additive Manufacturing/3D-Printing, predominantly focusing on laser sintering of polymers and the use of AM for biomaterials/bioengineering.

Associate Professor in Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing,
Faculty of Engineering

David Grant

Biomaterials, nanocomposites and biopolymers, toxicity and cell surface interactions of nanoparticles, functionalised surfaces using nanoparticles and organic structures, cell motility studies.

Professor of Materials Science
Head of Advanced Materials Research Group
Faculty of Engineering

Steve Greedy

Experimental and computational electromagnetics, specifically the implementation of numerical algorithms on a variety of computational platforms and the simulation of systems for electromagnetic compatibility and signal integrity studies.

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering


Jonathan Hardman

Director of Research for Medicine and Professor of Anaesthesia, co-applicant on EPSRC network plus and NIHR i4i grants in device & technology development in care of the critically ill patient. Expertise in computational modelling of human pathology and physiology, with MRC & EPSRC funding in applying this technology to intensive care.

Professor & Consultant in Anaesthesia, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Barrie Hayes-Gill

Novel medical device design, photoplethysmography, Smart fabric wearable medical devices, design and fabrication of custom integrated circuits for medical instrumentation.

Professor of Electronic Systems and Medical Devices, Faculty of Engineering

Xianghui Hou

Processing and characterization of films, coatings and composites for various applications.

Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering

Derek irvine

Application of novel polymer synthesis, catalysis and processing.

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering

Serhiy Korposh

Nanoscale Bioelectronics and Biophotonics.

Lecturer in Electronics, Nanoscale Bioelectronics and Biophotonics,
Faculty of Engineering


Alexandra Lang

Human Factors for Healthcare Technologies and Systems. User Centred and Socio-technical systems design, integration and evaluation.  

Research Fellow, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Eric Larkins

Design and fabrication of nanophotonic devices and photonic integrated circuits, nano-biophotonics high-speed and high-brightness semiconductor lasers.

Head of the Photonic and Radio Frequency Engineering Laboratory,
Faculty of Engineering

Xia Li

Constitutive modelling of geo-materials, multi-scale investigation and homogenisation processes in granular mechanics.

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering

Tao Liu

Ultralight weight cellular materials/structures, micromechanics of cellular materials and composite materials, computer simulation of granular material impact and dynamic soil-structural interaction.

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering


Tahir Masud

Translational work in Ageing, particularly in relation to postural stability, falls, exercise and bone health.

Professor, Faculty of Engineering

Donal McNally

Spinal Biomechanics, Biomechanical Evaluation, Implant Design.

Professor of Bioengineering & Head of the Bioengineering Research Group,
Faculty of Engineering

Steve Morgan

Biomedical engineering, optics, sensing and imaging.

Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering


Rob Morris

Preventing harm resulting from falls amongst adult inpatients.

Consultant Geriatrician, Queens Medical Centre (QMC),
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH)


Angela Nothofer

Angela is a member of the George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research (GGIEMR). One of the Institute’s areas of expertise is pre-compliance testing for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), which is an important issue for regulatory compliance and CE marking for any device. 

Lecturer in Electromagnetic Applications, Faculty of Engineering


Hengan Ou

Mechanical properties and behaviour of biomedical materials; novel and affordable manufacturing processes of medical devices including incremental sheet forming based cranioplasty. 

Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering


Markus Owen

Mathematical modelling for predictive medicineMultiscale modelling in healthcare, from cancer to regenerative medicine.

Professor of Mathematical Biology, Faculty of Science

Andrew Phillips

Optical communications, optical performance monitoring; passive optical networks; burst mode reception; low cost sources for access networks; optical regeneration; semiconductor optical amplifiers.

Lecturer in Photonic Communications Technology, Faculty of Engineering

Anca Pordea

Chemical and enzymatic catalysis.

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering


Frankie Rawson

My research is currently geared at developing new cellular electrochemical systems to modulate cell function. These new tools are then being applied to develop new bioelectronic medicines.

Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Science

rasaremenyte-prescott (1)

Rasa Remenyte-Prescott

Medical procedure efficiency, patient safety, simulation and modelling. 

LRF Assistant Professor in Risk and Reliability Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering

Sean Rigby

Enhanced Oil Recovery, porous media.

Professor of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Lucelia Rodrigues

Sustainable practice of architecture, and enhancing the quality of the built environment.

Associate Professor, Sustainable and Resilient Cities Lead, 
Faculty of Engineering

Noah Russell

Cultured neuronal networks.

Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering

Victor Sans Sangorrin

Advanced chemistry, reaction engineering, real-time analytics, intelligent algorithms.

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering

Brigitte Scammell

Orthopaedic Surgery, clinical trials.

Professor in Orthopaedics, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


Colin Scotchford

Cell –material interactions, Biocompatibility assessment, Novel biomaterial development. 

Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering

Angela Seddon

High-silica glasses, novel glass optical fibres.

Professor of Inorganic Materials, Faculty of Engineering

Joel Segal

Micro and nano-replication technologies, nanoscale fabrication and additive manufacture.

Assistant Professor in Manufacturing Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
donsharkey2 (1)

Don Sharkey

Clinical translation of healthcare technologies particularly in the field of emergency and critical care in neonatal and paediatric patients. Expertise taking devices from concept to the clinic.

Dr, Associate Professor of Neonatal Medicine
Academic Child Health, School of Medicine

Sarah Sharples

Human factors of visualisation technologies, Human factors in rail, Interface design for handheld computing, Human factors of geospatial science.

Associate Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research & Knowledge Exchange,
Professor of Human Factors, Faculty of Engineering


Daniele Soria

Development and implementation of decision making systems for medical applications, such as for breast cancer, hepatitis C, liver cirrhosis, prostate cancer and others. Using machine learning methodologies, clustering and classification algorithms to model medical experts reasoning, with the goal of moving towards personalised healthcare / precision medicine. 

Assistant Professor in Computer Science


Virginie Sottile

Our group explores stem cell biology to develop regenerative approaches for tissue repair. We are involved in multidisciplinary projects including new cellular and acellular biomaterial-based constructs for skeletal repair, cellular activation of resident tissue progenitors, and new non-invasive stem cell monitoring technologies. Keywords: regenerative medicine, tissue constructs, stem cell approaches, non-invasive monitoring. 

Associate Professor in Stem Cell Biology & Cell Differentiation,
Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Dave Thomas

Electromagnetic Compatibility, Computational Electromagnetics, Protection and Simulation of Power Networks.

Professor of Electromagnetic Applications, Faculty of Engineering


Begum Tokay

Design and fabrication of advanced antibacterial films for wound dressing, Metal organic framework-biopolymer films. 

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering

Christopher Tuck

Manufacture of multi-material and multifunctional inkjet printing, nanoscale additive manufacturing systems.

Professor of Materials Engineering, Faculty of Engineering


Ben Webb

Wearable medical devices for visual rehabilitation after stroke and age-related sight loss. 

Associate Professor, Faculty of Science


Kevin Webb

Dr Webb is a physiologist and biomedical engineer, focussed on developing and weilding novel technologies in optics, photonics, and electrophysiology to address the fundamental biophysics of epithelial transport, fluid dynamics, and drug delivery. His work has yielded novel optical solutions in label-free microscopy as well as biosensing, and is positioned at the interface between Applied Optics and the Life Sciences. 

Assistant Professor in Applied Optics, Faculty of Engineering

Ricky Wildman

Multiphase Flow and Mechanics.

Professor of Multiphase Flow and Mechanics, Faculty of Engineering


Paul Williams

Discovery and development of novel materials that prevent bacterial attachment and biofilm formation for use as medical device coatings. 

Professor of Molecular Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Pericle Zanchetta

Control modelling and stability of power converter systems, Control of electrical drives, Model predictive control, repetitive control, grid connected converters, power quality and active filters, design and system identification using heuristic optimization Algorithms.

Professor, Faculty of Engineering